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The Michelin Guide Hong Kong & Macau unveils its Bib Gourmand winners for 2024

The highly anticipated Michelin Guide Hong Kong & Macau 2024 has unveiled the list of Bib Gourmand winners, showcasing the culinary excellence and value-for-money dining experiences in these gastronomic cities. A total of 77 restaurants have been recognised, with 67 in Hong Kong and 10 in Macau, for their exceptional offerings that combine quality and affordability. This is defined as “a high-quality three-course meal” excluding drinks for a maximum of HK$400. Of these, ten are new additions, with seven in Hong Kong and three in Macau.

Among the exciting new additions to the Bib Gourmand list is Ăn Chơi, a Vietnamese eatery that captures the vibrant atmosphere of Vietnamese street stalls. Run by a Chinese-Vietnamese couple, Ăn Chơi is known for its bánh mì sandwiches and regional variations of phở, offering authentic flavours and a true taste of Vietnam.

Cheung Hing Kee in Tsim Sha Tsui has been awarded for its take on sheng jian bao, while Little Napoli, a recent transition from the Michelin Selected category to Bib Gourmand, impressed Michelin's inspectors with its Neapolitan pizzas and street foods such as ripieno fritto and panuozzo.

Other new entrants include Man Yuen, a hidden gem located in East Kowloon; despite its location in a public housing estate, it offers exceptional Cantonese classics delivered by the talented kitchen and front-of-house teams. Twins Liangpi Limited, which recently moved to Mong Kok, has also secured the Bib Gourmand distinction thanks to its slippery glass noodles dressed in a secret blend of chilli vinegar.

Returning to the Bib Gourmand list is the iconic Sang Kee, which has relocated to Wan Chai but continues to impress with its renowned salt-baked chicken, pork liver with wolfberry leaves blanched in stock, and baked fish intestine with egg. Sang Kee Foods in the Western District is another Bib Gourmand recipient known for its Chiuchow-style marinated goose, offering a range of goose-based delicacies for a unique dining experience.

In Macau, Kapok stands out as a newly recognised restaurant specialising in traditional Cantonese favourites such as har gow (shrimp dumplings) and white sugar sponge. Serving Portuguese-Macanese classics in sharing portions, Restaurante Litoral in Taipa received a distinction too for its Carne Alentejana and African chicken dishes. Lastly, Son Tak Kong, a revered institution since 1979, continues to delight patrons with authentic Shun Tak cuisine with offerings like the signature creamy fish soup and sticky rice with sakura shrimps and pine nuts.

See the full lists below.

The Michelin Hong Kong Bib Gourmand list 2024

  1. Ah Chun Shandong Dumpling Dumpling 阿純山東餃子

  2. Ăn Chơi

  3. Ancient Moon 古月

  4. Ba Yi 巴依

  5. Both Street 倆口小吃

  6. Brass Spoon (Wan Chai)

  7. Café Hunan 書湘門第 (Western District)

  8. Chan Kan Kee Chiu Chow 陳勤記鹵鵝飯店

  9. Cheung Hing Kee 祥興記 (Tsim Sha Tsui) *

  10. Chiuchow Delicacies 潮樂園 (North Point) 

  11. Congee and Noodle Shop 粥麵館

  12. Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐 (Causeway Bay)

  13. Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐 (Tsim Sha Tsui)

  14. Dragon Inn 容龍

  15. Eng Kee Noodle Shop 英記麵家

  16. Eton 頤東

  17. Fisholic 魚事者 (North Point)

  18. Fung Shing 鳳城 (North Point)

  19. Glorious Cuisine 增煇藝廚

  20. Hao Tang Hao Mian 好湯好麵 (Tai Wai)

  21. Ho To Tai 好到底

  22. Ju Xing Home 聚興家

  23. Kai Kai 佳佳甜品

  24. Kau Kee 九記

  25. Kung Wo Beancurd Factory 公和荳品廠

  26. Kwan Kee Bamboo Noodles 坤記竹昇麵

  27. Kwan Kee Clay Pot Rice 坤記煲仔小菜 (Sai Ying Pun)

  28. Lau Sum Kee 劉森記麵家 (Fuk Wing Street)

  29. Little Napoli (Happy Valley)

  30. Lucky Indonesia 好運印尼餐廳

  31. Mak Man Kee 麥文記

  32. Man Yuen 文苑飯莊 *

  33. Megan's Kitchen 美味廚

  34. Moon Tong Lok 滿堂樂

  35. Nishiki 錦

  36. Po Kee 波記

  37. Putien 莆田 (Causeway Bay)

  38. Sai Kwan Lo Jo 西關老袓

  39. Samsen (Sheung Wan)

  40. Samsen (Wan Chai)

  41. Sang Kee 生記 *

  42. Sang Kee Foods 生記滷味 *

  43. Saya Thai 泰國菜

  44. She Wong Leung 蛇王良

  45. Shek Kee Kitchen 石記廚房

  46. Ship Kee 船記

  47. Shugetsu Ramen (Central)

  48. Sing Kee 星記

  49. Sister Wah 華姐清湯腩

  50. Sun Yuen Hing Kee 新園興記

  51. Tai Wai Dining Room 大圍小館 (Tai Wai)

  52. Tai Wing Wah 大榮華

  53. Tai Woo 太湖海鮮城

  54. Tak Kee 德記

  55. Takeya 竹家

  56. Tasty 正斗粥麵專家 (Central)

  57. Tim Ho Wan 添好運 (Sham Shui Po)

  58. Tin Hung 天鴻燒鵝

  59. Trusty Congee King 靠得住 (Wan Chai)

  60. Tsim Chai Kee 沾仔記 (Central)

  61. Twins Liangpi Limited 兩姊妹涼皮有限公司 (Mong Kok) *

  62. Wang Fu 王府 (Central) 

  63. What To Eat 吃什麼 (Central) 

  64. Wing Lai Yuen 詠藜園

  65. Yi Jia 一家

  66. Yuan is Here 阿元來了 (Kennedy Town)

  67. Yue Kee 裕記

* = new entry

The Michelin Macau Bib Gourmand list 2024

  1. Chan Seng Kei 陳勝記

  2. Cheong Kei 祥記

  3. Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐 (COD)

  4. IFTM Educational Restaurant 澳門旅遊學院教學餐廳

  5. Kapok 六棉酒家 *

  6. Lok Kei Noodles 六記粥麵 (Patane) 

  7. Lou Kei 老記

  8. O Castiço Restaurante Litoral (Taipa) *

  9. Son Tak Kong 順德公飯店 *

* = new entry


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