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DW Modern Journal - 10 Independent Food Joints in Wan Chai

In terms of food I am actually quite a boring person. Although I am experimental and happy to try new places, I tend to go back to the same places if I like them.

Wan Chai is an area where gentrification came in like a storm 10 years ago and many old establishments had to go to make way for new developments. However with support of the local communities and their undefeated reputations many of these places are still around if you know where to go.

With an overwhelming number of restaurants all over Hong Kong, this is just a few of my personal picks. As much as I do frequent the likes of Pici and Mrs. Cheng, I am trying to leave out the big players in the F&B industry in this list. The below are not in any particular order.

1. Roots Eatary - Asian and French Fusion

I am often skeptical about fusion restaurants but Stephanie really did a great job in creating a no-fuss bi-weekly menu that really maximise the flavour of each ingredients and cooking technique. The space offer a bistro vibe but modern enough for a romantic dinner. Although the acoustic is poor the hearty food certainly makes up for it.

Ideal for: Business Lunch; Romantic Dinner; Small Groups

 7 Sun St, Wan Chai

2. Brass Spoon - Modern Vietnamese Pho

This is an undeniable expensive bowl of pho. However once you have had Sebastien's creation it is hard to go back to your local pho joint. Free of MSG and pack with flavour this modern noodle bar continues to be once of my favourite place for a quick and easy meal. My go to is Mixed Beef Slice with Tripe and Meatballs. You really can't find a replacement anywhere else for their translucent noodles.

Ideal for: Lunch

Shop B G/F 1-, 3 Moon Street, Wan Chai 

3. Sun Kau Kee Noodle Shop / 新九記粥麵 - Local Chinese

This decades old established has had a few changes of ownership but they always managed to keep the original staff. This really proofs the passion people have for this place. Specialised in Congee, Wonton Noodle and Beef Brisket Noodle, this place also offers a good selection of other signature dishes. For the super local amongst you, this is also one of the only places in Hong Kong that still serves pig's heart, blanched fish skin salad and at night you can even have a congee hotpot. For lunch go for 及弟粥 (mixed pig innards congee) with a side of seasonal veg with brisket sauce.

9 Tai Wong St E, Wan Chai

4. Morty's - New York Style Deli

Morty’s the New York-style deli, is situated on the lower ground floor in Jardine House, Central, and Starstreet, Wan Chai.  Morty’s  is a modern take on the classic delicatessen concept while still preserving traditional methods that have been instilled in our recipes and practices. Must try their Classic Poutine and Smoked Duck Salad (I normally change the sauce to vinaigrette). They also do one of the best spare ribs racks I've ever had in Hong Kong. Note they only serve the spare ribs in the evenings in their Wan Chai location.

Ideal for: Lunch; Casual Dinner; Small Groups

Shop 8-10 Wing Fung Street, Wan Chai

5. 3.6.9. Restaurant Shanghai Food / 上海三六九菜館 - Local Shanghainese

Another decades old establishments in Wan Chai serving authentic shanghainese goodness. Try their freshly prepared Xiao Long Bao, Fried Whole Fish in a Sweat Sour Sauce and if you are adventurous you can also order the blanched Cockles.

Ideal for: Casual Dinner; Small Groups

30-32 O'brien Rd, Wan Chai

6. Boston Restaurant / 波士頓餐廳

This restaurant holds a very special place in my heart as this is a place where grand dad and I often visited when I come back from UK for the holidays. They are famous for their Steak on sizzling hot plate. Admittedly they don't serve you the best quality of meat but for the price your are paying it makes a good option for a casual dinner. If you are into your carbs you can also go for the Cheese Baked Bolognese Spaghetti for lunch. Stay away from their wine....

3 Luard Rd, Wan Chai

7. Papa Deli / 糙米家

This is my causal lunch spot when I want to eat healthy. Papa Deli is a local chain serving so what healthy cha chaan teng food. With a wide range of salads and veggie heavy sets it is a good alternative to you $100 take away salad from Toss. They also serve mixed brown rice instead of plain rice.

Ideal for: Lunch

 G/F, 4 Gresson Street, Wan Chai

8. Car Noodle's Family / 車仔麵之家

This noodle joint is famous amongst the locals in Wan Chai for its flavourful noodle toppings. With only a handful of standing spaces this 30 year old establishment is really for take away only. Do try to come before 1:00pm if you like Ho Fan as they tend to run out quite quickly. My go to toppings are Chicken Wing Tips, Turnip and Pork Blood Cube. You can really go wrong with the curried squid and the intestines either.

Ideal for: Take Away Lunch

1 Anton Street, Wan Chai

9. Thai Street Kitchen

I haven't eaten here before but its certainly too hot for me to go try in this heat. These stalls are run by some thai ladies and its always smells amazing. They are specialised in Authentic Boat Noodles. Note there is no indoor seating for this place.

Ideal for: Casual Lunch; Casual Dinner

 2 Lun Fat St, Wan Chai

10. Zen / 采蝶軒 

There are plenty of decent dim sum places in Wan Chai but this is close to my work and the quality is above average. You can definitely taste the ingredients of this place compared to other places. It is not the best I've had in Hong Kong but for sure its one of the better ones in this neighbourhood.

2/F Garden East, 222 Queen's Rd E, Wan Chai


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