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Food Jem Diaries - Brass Spoon(Wanchai)

The Star/Moon street area, a popular destination for office folk and expats alike, is changing constantly. One of the new eateries that has just opened is Brass Spoon. Boasting no MSG and ingredients that are sourced locally, this Vietnamese fits in perfectly with the recent trend of all natural, healthy and honest food.

Brass Spoon has a modern, casual and slightly westernized decor, that at the moment opens till 7pm, due to the preparation needed for all the ingredients from scratch. You are given a choice of either Phô or Bun (cold vermicelli), and additional items such as spring rolls and drinks to choose from. You can also customise and add toppings for both noodle bowls, at less than 20HKD!

Vietnamese iced coffee $38

  • There wan’t too much condensed milk. A medium strength coffee with perfect sweetest for my liking, as many viet places serve overly sweet coffees!

Spring rolls $55

  • Crispy skin and well filled, accompanied by fresh greens to brighten up the dish. Nuôc mum (vietnamese dipping sauce) lacked the traditional flavours, where the lime flavor was dominant. It lacked the balance of saltiness from fish sauce and spice from garlic and chills.

Pho Bò with premium raw beef   $125

  • Beef Broth was full of beef flavor, not too oily and can be customized to your tastes, such as less onion or no scallions. premium beef was extremely tender, albeit slightly fatty. The Perfect dish to combat the recent cold wave that hit Hong Kong!

Bun /Cold vermicelli with lemongrass chicken. $80

  • Chicken was tender and not too fatty, marinated well with lemongrass flavor and not too salty. Other cold ingredients were very fresh.


Overall, a nice refreshing Vietnamese place that although has no MSG, serves quality and tasty noodle bowls. Its customisable bowls allow you to pick and choose your favourite toppings and add more when you get extra hungry! Hopefully Brass Spoon will extend its opening hours till late in the future!


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